Manor Theatre Rental Information

  • The theatre has four auditoriums, varying between 93-189 in seating capacity, which are available Monday through Thursday before 6pm and Friday during non-business hours for rental (Holidays excluded).
  • Peak times including weekday evenings, Saturday, and Sunday may be available, but are not included in set prices below due to high volume business. Please contact us to inquire about availability during these peak times.
  • Rental prices may vary based on theatre size and show time.
  • Price is per screening slot for a maximum of 2-2.5 hours. This is because your rental is taking the place of a regular scheduled movie and there may be other shows before and/or after your time slot.
  • Movie studios may charge "public performance rights" to put an older movie on screen. We can determine applicable costs, secure rights, etc. on your behalf.
  • If you are bringing a movie to watch, DVD/Blu-Ray is the best format.
  • The Manor offers a variety of food and beverage options. We can assist in creating an affordable and appealing menu for your guests. Though we do not allow guests to bring outside caterers, we offer catering services by BRGR, Spoon and Willow restaurants.
  • There are two types of theatre rental- "theatrical" and "non-theatrical." Theatrical events involve auditorium rental for a private screening of a film we are currently showing. Non-theatrical events involve auditorium rental for an alternative purpose, such as a corporate meeting or party. Please see below for more information about each type of rental.

Theatrical Rental

Private screenings generally require that a minimum number of seats in an auditorium be purchased at the going ticket price, rather than a flat fee. Availability is determined by the date, film and show time. Please contact for more information on a private screening of our movies.

Non-Theatrical Rental

*Seat count
Auditorium #1 seats 93
Auditorium #2 seats 141
Auditorium #3 seats 176
Auditorium #4 seats 189

Non-Business Hours (before 2pm) Monday - Friday
#1 - $300 #2/#3/#4 - $350
Matinees (before 6pm) Monday - Thursday
#1 - $500 #2/#3/#4 - $600

Midnight Show Sunday - Thursday
#1 - $400 #2/#3/#4 - $500
Midnight Show Friday & Saturday
#1 - $600 #2/#3/#4 - $700

Evening (6pm-midnight) Monday – Friday, Weekends & Holidays
*Please contact for availability and pricing